Author's Corner

Read or listen to the individuals own words to get a good idea of what a particular temperament and character type say and do.


Autobiographies of Rationals from

FieldMarshal Rational: Margaret Thatcher

Architect Rational: Robert Rosen

Mastermind Rational: Michael Shermer
Mastermind Rational: Ayn Rand

Inventor Rational: Richard Feynman


Autobiographies of Idealists from

Champion Idealist: Charles Dickens

Healer Idealist: Karen Armstrong

Teacher Idealist: Jane Fonda

Teacher Idealist: John Wooden

Counselor Idealist: Mohandas K. Gandhi


Autobiographies of Artisans from

Promoter Artisan: Donald Trump

Performer Artisan: Bill Clinton

Composer Artisan: Neil Simon

Crafter Artisan: Lance Armstrong
Crafter Artisan: George Carlin



Supervisor Guardian: Mike Wallace

Provider Guardian: Sam Walton

Provider Guardian: Barbara Walters