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Life is a kind of Library

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. Jorge Luis Borges

In Ray Bradbury's book Fahrenheit 451, each individual kept in their head a book to keep for a better time and to share with individuals they meet. As it were: a gift of knowledge. Now, although 451 is an allegory, I have found it useful as a broad metaphor in applying it to today's world. I realized because I have tended to listen and watch more than say and do in my long life -- my measured silence could be harmful even though my motto is "at least do no harm." My rare tactic of giving books to people as a "gift of knowledge" who probably will not read them for whatever reason, good or bad, has some use, because occasionally some do read. Of course, I, also, had many times not read or understood the book or person I encountered, for the book of life is often hidden in each individual or book -- and requires my time and my dialog to read the story.

I don't know you. You probably don't know me. But at this moment we meet. So let me give you a vicious gift, for I hope you will do well with it, if you choose to accept it. For Please Understand Me, I am an immoral moral Viking traveler of books and life, if anything.

I hope this helps, for I found it useful. Although I don't know you, the best I can do for now is to point to the territory I visited recently. If this is the last time we meet, good luck.


Sorry, not so CURRENT GIFTS

Main subjects: Inspector Guardian, Finance, Business, Biography, History

10/15/2008 Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life, Alice Schroeder

Main subjects: Evolution, Genes, Functional Shift,

12/01/2008 Your Inner Fish

Main subjects: Evolution, Economics, Cash, Bonds, Stocks, Insurance, Currency, Risk, History

11/23/2008 The Ascent of Money: The Financial History of the World


Main subjects: Evolution, Economics, Psychology, History, Markets, Socialism, Morals, Paternalism, Greed, Religion

8/8/2008 The Mind of Market: Michael Shermer

Main subjects: History, Economics, NGOs, Governance, Violence, Development

7/16/2008 Fixing Failed States: Ashraf Ghani, Clare Lockhart

Main subjects: Mastermind Rational, Economics, Culture, Personality, History

7/5/2008 Adventures of a Bystander: Peter Drucker

Main subjects: Provider Guardian, Television, Media, American Culture, History

5/21/2008 Audition: A Memoir by Barbara Walters

Main subjects: Economics, Creative Destruction, David Ricardo, Colonial Economics

4/30/2008 How Rich Countries Got Rich and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor: Eric Reinert

Main subjects: Proof, Mathematics, Computation, Geometry, History

3/21/2008 The Pythagorean Theorem: A Four Thousand Year History

Main subjects: Birth, Life, Decay, and Death of Civilization, Replication, Dissipation, History

2/2/2008 Day of Empire: How Hyperpowers Rise to Global Dominance and Why They Fail, Amy Chua

Main subjects: The Improbable, Theory, Unseen evidence, Self Deception

11/25/2007 The Black Swan: Impact of The Highly Improbable

Main subjects: Self-justification, Cognitive Dissonance, Human Behavior, Self Deception.

12/1/2007 Mistakes Were Made (but not by me):
Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts

Main subjects: Journalism, History, Autobiography, Culture, Inspector Guardian.

11/1/2007 Talking Back: To Presidents, Dictators, and Assorted Scoundrels, Andrea Mitchell

Main subjects: Future, History, Economics, Politics, Mastermind Rational.

11/4/2007 The Age of Turbulence: Alan Greenspan

Main subjects: Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises, Freidrich Hayak, Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman, History.

10/5/2007 Radicals for Capitalism: A Free Wheelin History of Modern American Libertarian Movement, Brian Doherty

Main subjects: Language, Linguistics, Etymology

10/2/2007 The Power of Babel: A Natural History of Language, John McWhorter

Main subjects: History, Mathematics, Algebra

09/22/2007 Unknown Quantity: A Real and Imaginary History of Algebra, John Derbyshire

Main subjects: Economics, History, Infrastructure

09/12/2007 Pop! Why Bubbles are great for the Economy, Daniel Gross

Main subjects: Energy, Life, Death, Origin of Life, Eucaryotes, Biology, Complexity,

09/12/2007 Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life, Nick Lane

Main subjects: Symmetry, Numbers, Mathematics, Biography, Physics, Science

06/15/2007 Why Beauty is Truth: The History of Symmetry, Ian Stewart

Main subjects: Biography, Science, Electromagnetism, Models, Mathematical Models

06/15/2007 The Man who Changed Everything,The Life of James Clerk Maxwell

Main subjects: Biography, Inventor Rational, Innovation, The American Dream, Culture, Business

05/30/2007 Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination, Neil Gabler

Main subjects: Autobiography, Culture, Race, Personality

05/2/2007 Dreams of My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, Barack Obama

Main subjects: Internet, Web, Law, Freedom, Nations-State, Economics, The Future

01/28/2007 Who Controls the Internet: Illusions of a Borderless World

Main subjects: Quantum Computers, Information, Complexity, Physical Systems

01/27/2007 Programming the Universe, Seth Lloyd

Main subjects: Democracy, Champion Idealist, Mastermind Rational, Women's Rights, Human Rights

01/26/2007 Not For Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony

Main subjects: War, Leadership, Democracy, Freedom, Personality, History, Slavery

01/20/2007 The Soul of Battle: From Ancient Times to the Present Day, How Three Great Liberators Vanquished Tyranny, Victor Davis Hanson

Main subjects: Biography, Healer Idealist, Englishness, Politics, Colonialism, Socialism

01/11/2007 Inside George Orwell: A Biography

Main subjects: History, Physics, Cold War, Espionage, Politics, Bomb making

01/11/2007 Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb, Richard Rhodes

Main subjects: Biography, Provider Guardian, Retailing, Selling, Business, Leadership, Capitalism

11/11/2006 Sam Walton: Made in America, Sam Walton

Main subjects: Biography, Architect Rational, Physics, Particle Physics, Quantum Electrodynamics, Science

11/12/2006 Climbing the Mountain: The Scientific Biography of Julian Schwinger, Jagdish Mehra and Kimball Minton

Main subjects: Biography, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, German Science, German Jew, Nazism

11/18/2006 The End of the Certain World: The Life and Science of Max Born

Main subjects: Biography, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Electrodynamics

11/18/2006 Strange Beauty: Murray Gell-mann and the Revolution of Twentieth Century Physics

Main subjects: Future, Past, Wealth, Knowledge, Change, Society, the Individual

10/29/2006 Revolutionary Wealth, Alvin and Heidi Toffler

Main subjects: Biography, Inventor Rational, Physics, Path Integrals, Functionals, Least Action Principal, Particle Physics, Quantum Electrodynamics, Science

10/15/2006 The Beat of a Different Drummer: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman, Jagdish Mehra

Main subjects: Physics, String Theory, Theory, Modeling, Science, Sociology of Science

9/12/2006 The Trouble with Physics: The Rise String and the Fall of a Science and What Comes Next, Lee Smolin

Main subjects: Physics, Particle Physics, String Theory, Science

9/18/2006 Not Even Wrong: The Failure of String Theory and The Search for Unity in Physical Law, Peter Woit

Main subjects: Knowledge, Wealth, Economics, Scientific Modeling, History, Society

8/10/2006 Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations: A Story Economic Discovery, David Warsh

Main subjects: Economics, Evolution, Complexity

8/9/2006 The Origin of Wealth: Evolution, Complexity and the Radical Remaking of Economics, Eric Beinhocker

Main subjects: Autobiography, Teacher Idealist, Relationships, Politics, Acting, Hanoi Jane.

7/23/2006 My Life So Far, Jane Fonda (Jane Fonda as an Author )

Main subjects: Physics, Standard Model, Modeling Reality, History of Physics, Nobel Prize
7/23/2006 Fantastic Realities: 49 Mind Journeys and A Trip to Stockholm, Frank Wilczek
Main subjects: Companies, Organizations, Success, Leadership, Teamwork
7/23/2006 Good to Great, Jim Collins
Main subjects: Mathematics, Symmetry, Group Theory, String Theory
6/27/2006 Symmetry and Monster: One of the Greatest Quests of Mathematics, Mark Ronan
Main subjects: Biography, Teacher Idealist, Basketball, Coaching, Leadership
6/10/2006 They Call Me Coach, John Wooden
Main subjects: Mathematics, Axiom of Choice, Hilbert's Hotel, Paradoxes
6/1/2006 The Pea and the Sun: A Mathematical Paradox, Leonard Wapner
Main subjects: Biography, Radio, Television, History
5/10/2006 Edward R. Murrow, An American Original, Joseph Persico
Main subjects: Mathematics, Leonhard Euler, Fourier Series
5/9//2006 Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula, Paul Nahin
Main subjects: History, Economics, Government
4/21/2006 For Good and Evil: The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization, Charles Adams

Main subjects: History, Biography, Government, Personality

4/4/2006 His Excellency: George Washington, Joseph Ellis

Main subjects: Evolution, Memes, Culture, Biology

3/26/2006 Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon, Daniel Dennett

Main subjects: Leadership, Autobiography, History, Politics, Government, Law

3/10/2006 Leadership, Rudolph Giuliani

Main Subjects: History, Biography, Politics, Economics

2/15/2006 The Struggle for Russia, Boris Yeltzin

Main Subjects: The Web, Technology, Business, Culture

1/1/2005 The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture

Main Subjects: Personality, The Web, Technology, Business

12/17/2005 The Google Story, Dave Vise, Mark Malseed

Main Subjects: Mathematics, Reasoning, Information, Computing

11/6/2005 Meta Math: The Quest for Omega, Gregory Chaitin.

Main Subjects: Movies, Scorsese, Culture, Directors, Producers, Hollywood

11/1/2005 A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies

Main Subjects: Human evolution

7/28/2005 The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis, Elaine Morgan

Main Subjects: Geography, Evolution, Anthropology, History

5/15/2005 Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, Jared Diamond

Main Subjects: Finance, Technology, History, Culture, The Future

5/2/2005 How we got here, Andy Kessler

Main Subjects: Biography, Finance, Economics

3/25/2005 Buffet: The Making of an American Capitalist, Roger Lowenstein

Main Subjects: American History.

3/17/2005 The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Main subjects: Economics, History, Finance, Culture

2/3/2005 Running Money: Hedge Fund Honchos, Monster Markets, and My Hunt for the Big Score, Andy Kessler

Main Subjects: Physics, Cosmology, The Future

1/14/2005 Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos, Michio Kaku

Main Subjects: Biography, History of English Upper Class of 19th Century

12/19/2004 Nightingales:The extraordinary upbringing and curious life of Florence Nightingale, Gillian Gill

Main subjects: Logical investigation, Complexity, Mathematics, History of Mathematics
10/17/2004 Abel's Proof: An Essay on the Sources and Meaning of Insolvability, Peter Pesic

Main Subjects: History, Sociology, Economics

9/4/2004 Private Truths, Public Lies: The Social Consequences of Preference Falsification, Timur Kuran

Main Subjects: History, Economics, Future of Metaman

7/10/2004 Colossus: The Price of America's Empire, Niall Ferguson


If you don't understand something said, don't assume that you are at fault. David West Keirsey

If you are not going fishing, don't open a can of worms. David West Keirsey

Those who fail to learn from history, will not add to it. David Mark Keirsey


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