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Comparative Science: Towards the Technology of Relational Complexity


Principia Complexica

Mathematics Itself: On Origin, Nature, and Fabrication of Structure and Function in Mathematics and Logic

The Rationalist manifesto (1995)
  The Rationalist manifesto revisited

Toward the The Physics of Death

Involution and Envolution: Towards the Phenomenology Massive Replicative/Dissipative Structures

Replication and Dissipation

The Structure of Our Involution


Major Material Complexity Levels

Major Complexity Level -1: An Existence System: The Universe

Microsystems:  From Formatics to Quanta -> Taylor Series via Bernoulli Numbers
   Macrosystems: No [¬ ] and No Not [¬ ¬ ] (Unitary Boolean & Hecke Operators) to Our Universe
Chaos: {0}
Order: {1}
Edge-of-Chaos/Order: {0^1}
Edge-of-Order/Chaos: {1^0}

Major Material Complexity Level 0: A Quanta System: Our Universe

Microsystems: From Quanta (Fermions& Bosons) to Particles (Baryons & Mesons)
   Macrosystems: Our Universe to Galaxies (Quasars, spherical, elliptic, spiral)

Chaos:  Autotrophic Layer: Energy(Vacuum)
Order:  Heterotrophic Layer: Background Radiation, Mass/Energy
Edge-of-Chaos/Order: Symbotrophic Layer:  Black Holes, Mass/Mass
Edge-of-Order/Chaos: Energy/Mass: Cosmic Rays

Major Material Complexity Level 1:  A Particle System: Galaxy Systems

Microsystems: From Particles (Baryons & Mesons) to Atoms (hydrogen, helium ..)
  Macrosystems: Galaxies to Star Systems (neutron stars, red giants, supernovae)

Chaos:  Autotrophic Layer: Black Holes, Particle and Atomic Dust Clouds
Order:  Heterotrophic Layer:  Elliptic Galaxies
Edge-of-Chaos/Order: Symbotrophic Layer:  Spiral Galaxies
Edge-of-Order/Chaos: Symbotrophic Layer: Spiral Galaxies with dwarf Galaxies

Major Material Complexity Level 2: An Atomic System: Star Systems

Microsystems:  From Atoms to Molecules (water, methane, crystals, polymers)
  Macrosystems:  Star Systems to Planet Systems (asteriods, comets, gas giants, three phase planets)

Chaos: Autotrophic Layer: A Particle Star System (neutron stars, kaon stars)
Order: Heterotrophic Layer:  An Gen-Atomic Star System (red giants, novas, supernovae)
Edge-of-Chaos/Order:  Symbotrophic Layer: A Solar System (atomic rich, planet generating stars)
Edge-of-Order/Chaos:  Symbotrophic Layer: A Solar System (atomic rich, planet systems, stars)

Major Material Complexity Level 3: A Molecular System: Planetary Systems

Microsystems:  From Molecules to Autocatalytic Sets (viroids, viruses, procaryotic cells)
  Macrosystems:  Planet Systems to Biospheres (Gaia)

Chaos: Autotrophic Layer: A Weather System (example :Jupiter)
Order: Heterotrophic Layer: A Geologic System (example: Venus,Mars,Mercury)
Edge-of-Chaos/Order: Symbtrophic Layer: A Three-Atomic Phase System (example: Titan,Europa)
Edge-of-Order/Chaos: A Biological System: (example: Earth, Gaia)

Major Material Complexity Level 4: A Biological System: Life Systems

Microsystems:  From Molecular Autocatalytic Sets to Organisms (protoctista, plants, animals)
  Macrosystems:  Biospheres to Organism systems (example: Hypersea)

Chaos: Autotrophic Layer: An Autocatalytic System ( global calcium, sulfur, phosphorous cycles, Viruses, viriods)
Order:  Heterotrophic Layer: A Cellullar System  (microcosm: procaryotes)
Edge-of-Chaos/Order: Symbotrophic Layer: A Organism system (microcosm: eucaryotes)
Edge-of-Order/Chaos: Symbotrophic Layer:

Major Material Complexity Level 5: An Organism System: Hypersea Systems

Microsystems:  From Organisms to Families (ant colonies, animal herds, primate families)
  Macrosystems: Organism systems to Family Systems(Organism Species)

Chaos:  Autotrophic Layer: A Life Cycle System (biosphere: eucaryotes) (Hypersea)
Order:  Heterotrophic Layer:  A Single Species System (examples: beetles)
Edge-of-Chaos/Order: Symbotrophic Layer: An Ensemble Species System (example: ants)
Edge-of-Order/Chaos: Symbotrophic Layer:

Major Material Complexity Level 6: A Species System: Hyperhypersea Systems

Microsystems:   From Families to Societies (tribes, governments, corporations)
  Macrosystems:   Family Systems to Society Systems (Mankind)

Chaos: Autotrophic Layer:  An Agricultural System (ancient Egypt, Sumeria, ant colonies)
Order: Heterotrophic Layer:  An Industrial System  (example: Industrial Britain, The Soviet Union)
Edge-of-Chaos/Order: Symbotrophic Layer:  A Cybersystem (example: Modern Society)
Edge-of-Order/Chaos: Symbotrophic Layer:  A Cybersystem (Global digital market)

Major Material Complexity Level 7: A Society System: Metaman Systems

Microsystems:  From Societies to CyberSocieties (The Web)
  Macrosystems:  Society Systems to Cybersociety Systems (Metaman)

Chaos: Autotrophic Layer:  A Corporation System (example: General Motors)
Order: Heterotrophic Layer: An Money System (example: mutual funds)
Edge-of-Chaos:  Symbotrophic Layer:  A Knowledge System (the web)
Edge-of-Order/Chaos: Symbotrophic Layer:  A Learning System

Major Complexity Level 8: A Cybersociety System: HyperMetaperson   |   |  |  |

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