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Robert Rosen


(Architect Rational)


Robert Rosen asked himself the question: What is Life?

His answer to his question was unique, and his method of analysis will prove significant to all of science and mathematics, not only biology. However, not all who were familar (or blithely ignorant) with some of his work agree.

An unnamed critic remarked: "The trouble with you, Rosen, is you're always trying to answer questions that nobody wants to ASK!"

Rosen never looked for controversy and was in the beginning surprised by the the vehemence of his critics. In his introduction to Life Itself he presented his strategy -- "I have tried to address these problems of organization and exposition in the same way as I approach research, namely, to try to let the problems tell me what to do. Everything to be found herein, and the manner in which it is expressed, is what it is because it seemed to me to be necessary. And about each, I can say in truth that it is the best I can do. It is for the reader to say whether this has been enough."

Brief Autobiography

Other books by Robert Rosen

Essays on Life Itself

Fundamentals of Measurement and Representation of Natural Systems (1978) Elsevier Science Ltd, ISBN 0444002618 (out of print) (republished 2003, Rosen Enterprises)

Anticipatory Systems: Philosophical, Mathematical and Methodological Foundations (1985) Pergamon Press, ISBN 008031158X (out of print) (republished 2003, Rosen Enterprises)

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