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David Mark Keirsey

Dr. David Mark Keirsey is a scientist that is interested in how and why the world works.

The first half of his professional career was as a Computer Scientist, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Notably, he was part of a team who created the software for the first operation of an autonomous cross-country robotic vehicle. In the current latter part of his career, he has broaden his interest to include all of science, mathematics, computation, and the history and future of the world.

His plan is to write at least three books, two of which are tentatively called Mathematics Itself and Existence Itself. The third is a book on Leadership. Currently he is part of a web-based company, to develop interactive team and human personality tools based on his father's best-selling work on human temperament.

He is a Architect Rational in temperament.

With Thought thru New Regions

He finds that one good way to learn about the world is by reading well selected autobiographies and biographies about diverse kinds of temperaments in the context of history. This strategy can also be useful in understanding history, science, computer science, and mathematics so as to predict the future of mankind and life in general.

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