Keirsey Temperaments

Major Material Complexity Level 3: A Molecular System: Planetary Systems

Context: Level 2: Solar Systems

Level 3 Chaotic Layer (weather subsystem: Sol): Weather Systems

Chaotic Center: Star

Microsystems: Atomic Nuclei (replicating atoms)

Macrosystems: Gas Giants


Major Microsystems:  Gases (Atomic Ions and Molecular Ions)

Level 3 Order Layer(geologic subsystem Vulcan):  Geologic Systems

Order Region:  Interplanetary Space

Macrosystems: Solid Planets, Comets,  Asteriods

Example: Mercury

Major Microsystems: Solids (Atoms & Simple Molecules)

Level 3  Edge-of-chaos Layer(biologic subsystem Earth): Biologic Systems

Macrosystems:  Three Phase Planets

Example: Earth

Microsystems:  liquids

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