Keirsey Temperaments

Major Material Complexity Level 8: A Cybersociety System: Metametaman : Cybersociety Systems

Context: Level 7: Metaman

Metametaman as a "physical entity" is the connectness of life and electronic life in Metaman: from the workers, families, corporations, organizations, governments, machines, communication equipment, computers, software and electronic information and process. The web is the beginning of this entity. Teilhard de Chardin has put forth a vague notion of the "Noosphere," but his concept was more disembodied and "utopian" in description. For in reality, Metametaman is more physical and beautifully ugly. Not utopian or dystopian, Metametaman is more of a Vernadskian view, living matter and its non-living-living products has extended the life and action in Metaman over life and non-life of the Earth as a dynamic functional structure.  Bringing electronic and chemical-organic technology with future-oriented families, corporations, computers, electronic books, electronic documents, and a mobile network throbbing to the rich-barren, limited mobility-intelligence of life in Metaman.

Level 8 Chaotic Layer: Cybersociety Systems

Chaotic Center: The World Wide Web


Macrosystems: Metametaman

Xemes: Wemes

Microsystems:  electronic/physical/knowledge nexus


Level 8 Order Layer:  Robotic systems (Digital and Physical)

Order Region:  knowledge-based production organizations


The Khan Academy

The Keirsey Institute of Higher and Lower Learning

Level 8  Edge-of-chaos Layer: Cybercybersocieties

(The REAL matrix)

Subsystems:  metawemes

Microsystems: the future electronic/physical/organizational organization in space and earth   |   |  |  |

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