Keirsey Temperaments

Major Material Complexity Level 7: A Society System: Metaman: Society Systems

Context: Level 6: Hyperland

Metaman as a "physical entity" is the connectness of life in Hyperland: from the cattle, wheat, human diseases, human pests, forests, mines, rivers, ports, and mankind and his buildings and tools.  This Vernadskian view, living matter and its products has extended the life in land (Hyperland) over life and non-life of the Earth as a dynamic functional structure.  Bringing organisms, families, materials, machines, documents, and a mobile throbbing to the rich-barren, limited mobility of life in land, Hyperland.

Stock, Gregory, MetaMan, Simon and Schuster, 1993.

USA at night


Level 7 Chaotic Layer: Society Systems

Chaotic Center: Mankind

Macrosystems: Metaman

Microsystems:  Political & Social Human Organizations (non-family based)


The Lessons of History, Will and Ariel Durant

Story of Civilization Vols I-XI, Will and Ariel Durant

Sowell, Thomas, Conquests and Cultures, 1997

Fukuyama, Frances, The Origins of Political Order, 2011

Level 7 Order Layer:  Money Systems

Order Region:  Money-Based Organizations (e.g., Mutual funds, public companies)

Bagehot, Walter, Lombard Street: Description of the Money Market, 1873.
Weatherford, Jack, The History of Money, 1997.
Ferguson, Niall, The Ascent of Money, 2008.

Level 7  Edge-of-chaos Layer: Cybersociety Systems

Example: The World Wide Web

Subsystems:  Electronic organizations

Microsystems: websites (electronic nexus)

Mowshowitz, Abbe, Virtual Organization: Toward a Theory of Societal Transformation Stimulated by Information Technology, Quorum Books, 2002   |   |  |  |

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