Keirsey Temperaments

Major Material Complexity Level 6: A Family System: Hyperland System

Context: Level 5: Hypersea

Example: Bee Colony

Hyperland as a "physical entity" is the connectness of life in life on land: from the ants, bees, flocks of birds, cattle, dogs, coyotes, mankind and his buildings and tools.  This Vernadskian-Margulian view, living matter and its products has extended the life on land (Hypersea) over life and non-life of the Earth as a dynamic functional structure.  Bringing carbohydrates, proteins, nuclei acids and a mobile throbbing to the rich-barren, limited mobility of life on land, Hypersea.

Level 6 Chaotic Layer(weather subsystem:Hypersea): Species Systems

Chaotic Center: Hypersea

Macrosystem: Hyperland

Microsystems: Social Organisms

Level 6 Order Layer (geological subsystem:Hyperland):  Family Systems

Mobile geology: migrating herds: buffalo, plant and soil tillers (mole rats)

Yanomani Family, Kogapakuri Village

Order Region:  Mammalian families (sexual organisms, nuturing families)

"Social insect"  colonies (actual misnamed)(sexual organisms, nuturing families)

Subsystems:  Replicative -- Domesticated (symbiotic) Species systems: gut bacteria, aphids, slave ants

Subsystems: Dissipative -- Parasitic Species systems: diseases (eubacteria, bacteria, viral), parasites (arthopods)

The Ants, Bert Holldobler, Edward O. Wilson

Level 6  Edge-of-chaos Layer(biologic subsystem: Metaman): Society Systems

Subsystems:  Replicative -- Symbiotic Family Species (Domesticated Plants, Domesticated Animals)

Microsystems: Societies (trading families)


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