Keirsey Temperaments

A Heterotrophic Layer of Material Complexity

Autotrophic Layer
Symbotrophic Layer

Hetero - different,  trophic - to feed

This is the region of time and space of a part of a macrosystem that contains the order information in the form of entities and overall temperature that preserve a ordered state at certain level of complexity.  The majority entities in the region are microsystems of a certain major material complexity, N.  This majority of microsystems determines the complexity of the region, which is the order region of a macrosystem.  An heterotrophic layer contains primarily entities that do depend on for existence or "ontogeny," other entities of the same level of major material complexity, but do not incorporate those entities into themselves.

  Scavenger Organisms rely on the bodies of other organisms for their food.

Many heterotrophic bacteria depend on the protein products of other autotrophic or heterotrophic bacteria.

  Protons in the sun rely on electrons in the plasma to keep the surrounding matter neutral.

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